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My Love, I'll be Forever yours....

....Even if you're already gone

27 January 1995
Well, this is my 3rd account on here! I have my 2 other Accounts under the Usernames of burningmoon65 and darkestwish65. I recently have become a Fan of "Death Note", but I have yet to finish watching the Series. I'm also a Big Fan of the Show "Avatar: The Last Airbender"! I LOVE it when it rains and Winter is my Favorite Season. I tend to like Villains more than Heros on TV Shows. I enjoy Writing Poems and Drabbles. I have 2 Cats and 2 Little Brothers. Royal Blue is my Favorite Color! I am a Yaoi FanGirl and a Crack Shipper!

If there is anything else you want to know about me, Feel free to send me a Message! Also feel free to add me as a Friend! ^^

Credit to 2 of the Icons [that I am currently using] goes to kiori_kiki and 2 other Icons were created by rickasaurus! One of the Mello Icons that I am using was made by koneko_zero (Cadmium Tea Party)! The Cute L Icon with the Cake was made by tehaiko (InfinityCafe)! The Aang Icon and the Azula Icon were found on Trigger Happy! Some of the Icons were found on "Glitter-Graphics"! I also found 3 Other Icons on the Web made by foamchicken, Robbuz, and ___jakkii. Thank You very much for letting me use the Icons! ^^