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Writer's Block: Take the pain away

If you could say anything you want to the person who has hurt you most in life, what would it be? Did you ever confront them? Why or why not?

I would say: "How could you bare to look at us each day, to see the Joyful Smiles on our faces, knowing that when we oneday found out about this there would be no more Smiles on our faces [and only tears falling down our cheeks]? How could you bear to live with yourself, knowing that you had to lie every single day of your life? Did you honestly believe that the Punishment would be worse than the Sin? You're a Fool.... Look at what YOU caused! Look at how you destroyed me.... Look at the tears running down my face, and if you look into my eyes you might just see what I'm truely feeling, thinking.... Do you know how much pain I'm in? Do you even Care? Just take it back! Tell me it never happened! Tell me it's just a Nightmare, and when I wake-up I'll be 5-years-old again and the World will be Perfect! TELL ME! Tell Me, Please....I'm begging you.... I feel so Cold, and yet I appear to be so Warm, Hopeful.... Where did you hide the Old me? Please, just tell me this....Because I don't think I can live anymore with what I've become.... I can't even recognize myself anymore.... How Long have a been this way? How long have a been Falling, dying, Fading Away from the Light? Tell me this, Please....Are you finally Happy? Are you Proud of the Monster you've become? I used to look up to you....I'm glad I'm not such a Fool anymore...."

I have never really confronted them, because I am afraid to Voice my Opinions Outloud, to Face them....Especially when I know that I'm just as Bad as them, if not Worse....

And so I remain Silent and Indifferent....and I slowly die from all my Concealed Pain....