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Writer's Block: Worrisome

What is your biggest worry right now?

My Biggest Worry right now is that my Dad will decide to divorce my Mom and leave us behind....

Writer's Block: What is your muse?

If you're trying to create something, like a story, a composition, or a design, etc., do you find yourself imagining how others will react to it? Does that impede or enhance the creative process?

I always try to imagine what people might think about the stuff that I create. In ways it slows the Creative Process down for me, because I'm too busy trying to Perfect (SP?) the work that I already got done before I completly finish it, and by the time I'm done Correcting I no longer feel like Writing or Drawing anymore....

Whose Side are you On, anyways?- Poll

Poll #1472999 Whose Side are you on: L or Kira?

Whose side are you on: L or Kira?

I can't decide!
I'm not on either Side or I'm on Both Sides....

Feel Free to explain your Answers (If you want to)!